About the Company

About The company:

Andrew Levy founded Andrew Levy and Associates in 1978. It soon became the county’s leading labour relations and labour law consultancy, specializing in dismissals, training, strike management and employment advice.

Andrew sold this Company in 2002, and now operates under the banner of Andrew Levy Employment where he and his team continue to provide cutting edge labour relations consultancy and employment advice, training, dismissal management and consultancy in labour law.

Andrew himself has been at the forefront of labour relations in South Africa, and is a well known teacher, writer, arbitrator, broadcaster and commentator on South African labour and employment. He is joined in the practice by his son Daniel Levy, who specializes in the running of disciplinary hearings and dismissal disputes. Jackie Kelly provides research services and edits the Wage Settlement Survey which reports on wage agreements and settlement levels, as well as the Industrial Action Monitor, which produces data on strikes and similar labour disputes.

Representation for clients is provided for CCMA or Bargaining Council dismissal disputes through the Small Business Employers Organisation.


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