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• Because a number of complex labour laws regulate the employment relationship, employers may find themselves called to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) or Labour Court if they fail to act within the parameters of legislative requirements

• The Complete Guide Series has been designed to take you through the complexities of current legislation and workplace practice in a clear and concise, practical “hands on” format.

• Where applicable, diagrammatic summaries, flow charts, model letters and checklists are included to take you through the various stages of the process in a clear and logical sequence.


• The Complete Guide to Employee Absenteeism - Absenteeism is a multi-faceted issue which impacts on all levels of the organisation. If left uncontrolled it can cause major problems and result in lost productivity and low morale. Find out how to implement a strategy for improving attendance which will include monitoring, counselling and if necessary disciplinary action.

• The Complete Guide to Planning, Preparing and Presenting your Case at a Dismissal Arbitration - While dispute prevention is preferable, CCMA arbitration is often the inevitable outcome. This Guide will assist in putting your side of the story to the Arbitrator in the most positive and effective way, detailing all the steps in the presentation of your case and your rights of appeal and review. It will ensure that you don’t lose a good case merely because you failed to follow proper presentation procedures and thus left the Arbitrator with no option but to find against you.

• The Complete Guide to Essential Employee Documentation – The human resources of any organisation needs to be carefully managed and motivated in order to maximise optimum return. Covering the “how to” of what management needs to consider and record from the start of the recruitment process to the end of the employment relationship, this Guide will provide the necessary direction. Model letters of appointment, contracts and agreements are included all of which can be adapted to meet your organisation’s particular requirements.

• The Complete Guide to Dismissal and Termination- In recent years the discipline and dismissal of employees has become a complex and specialised field Staff at all levels of the organisation are quick to challenge dismissals they feel are unfair via the CCMA. This Guide provides practical guidance on how to handle cases of employee misconduct or to terminate services for incapacity in such a way that it incorporates the requirements of procedural and substantive fairness as set out in the Code of Good Practice: Dismissal.

• The Complete Guide to Pay for Performance - With the changing nature of pay world-wide, and a move towards performance related packages, employers need to be appraised of the latest developments and trends in this key area. Traditional methods of paying staff have been augmented by new approaches which include guaranteed, variable and competency based pay. Determine which option best suits your organisation and utilise to the maximum effect to attract, motivate and retain key personnel.

• The Complete Guide to Recruitment and Selection - What management needs to consider and record from the start of the recruitment process to the end of the employment relationship. Recruitment has taken on a new meaning as employers endeavour to optimise organisational performance in a globally competitive environment. Operating within the current legislative framework provides further challenges to ensure job applicants are not discriminated against and the right people are selected to carry the organisation forward.

• The Complete Guide to Wage Negotiating - Companies need to prepare thoroughly before entering into wage negotiations. This entails access to all relevant information in order simplify the bargaining process, and avoid unnecessary delays and setbacks. Our Guide will take you through the process of analysing and costing wage demands, deciding a strategic game-plan, which bargaining tactics to use and communicating a final agreement.

• The Complete Guide to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). Designed to take you through the complexities of the Act in a clear and understandable format. It will explain everything you need to know about the impact the latest changes to legislation will have on the running of your organisation and ensure that you are acting within the parameters of the Act. An essential reference tool for every IR / HR practitioner.


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