Wage Settlement Survey

chartThe 2011 Wage Settlement Survey - Bringing you vital information for wage and labour cost planning and budgeting.

As organisations prepare for wage negotiations, it is important to have access to all relevant information, which will impact on overall strategy, simplify the collective bargaining process and avoid unnecessary delays and setbacks.

The Wage Settlement Survey has been providing this information for over 20 years and has proved to be reliable and accurate and an important economic marker utilised by a wide range of organisations including employers, unions and government departments.

At the same time, companies need to counter unreasonable union demands and arrive at an optimum settlement outcome based on current trends. The Wage Settlement Survey will cover all of these issues over the period of your yearly subscription and enable you to bargain confidently with the facts at your fingertips.

Areas covered include: -

* Pertinent legislative changes
* Current economic indicators - CPI, CPIX etc.
* Average level of settlement by union and sector
* Average minimum wage and wage range
* Retrenchment and outsourcing patterns
* Non-wage demands/management counter-demands
* Outcome of centralised bargaining agreements
* Strike incidence – man-days lost; strikes by union; triggers
* Labour market analysis

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Hotline : As an additional service, subscribers can contact us for wage related information at any time.

The bulk of the information in the Wage Settlement Reports comes directly from subscribers to the Survey who forward the outcome of their negotiations in the form of a comprehensive questionnaire. As a subscriber you will be requested to provide us with information on completion of your wage negotiations. Whilst this is not obligatory, a cross-section of responses does enable us to provide a more detailed and relevant report. (This information is treated in the strictest confidence and at no stage are the names of companies reported or divulged to third parties).


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