Disciplinary Hearings

disciplinary hearingsEffective outsourcing of the management of disciplinary cases is one of the fastest growing trends in employment practice, and offers many advantages to the employer. By making use of our services we can help you to avoid the procedural and substantive pitfalls that plague many companies when it comes to disciplining their staff, and allow you to deal with more pressing issues in your business.

Independent Chairpersons:

We can provide an independent chairperson to run the hearing. We have a panel of experts that includes arbitrators, consultants, advocates and attorneys, with many years of experience between them. We are able to recommend the right person to suite the circumstances of your company and the troublesome employee, whether it be a pilfering tea lady, a corrupt executive or anything in between.

Very often company's battle to find a suitable chairperson internally, with individuals reluctant to do they job either because of inter-office politics, a lack of understanding about the relevant procedures or law, or for fear that they will labelled as 'biased' by either the staff or management.

Our chairpersons will:

  • Run an effective hearing
  • Minimise delays
  • Deliver a comprehensive finding addressing all arguments and evidence
  • Refer to legislation and case law
  • Make a safe recommendation to the company

The delivery of a sound and comprehensive written finding and recommendation to the company will ensure that no matter how complicated the facts of the matter, you can be assured of a positive outcome with a minimum of delay and frustration.

Outsourced Initiators:

If you already have a chairperson we are able to appoint a consultant to act as the initiator at the hearing. Many of the cases we have managed have been large, complicated and often involved theft or fraud in the public sector, where our success rate has been notable, and the time delays minimal.

From the formulation of the charges and analysis of your company's procedures to the submission of closing arguments, our initiators will guide you through the process:

  • Conduct your investigation
  • Formulate the charges
  • Refer to case law & legislation
  • Collect evidence.
  • Draft the 'Notification to attend' letter
  • Cross-examination
  • Witness consultation
  • Gauging the appropriate sanction
  • Management of presentation of the case

Disciplinary Consultants:

We also offer advice on case management and presentation, and how to optimally manage your disciplinary process. Should you wish to redesign your disciplinary procedures to reflect contemporary thinking and recent court decisions, we are able to assist in replacing your old procedures that mimic the unnecessary criminal justice model.


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