PublicationsOur work has been commissioned by bodies such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, as well as local and international corporations. Books

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Some of our available publications are listed below:

Andrew Levy's Wage Settlement Survey

The Andrew Levy Wage Settlement Survey Quarterly Reports form the backbone of the publications division of Andrew Levy Employment.

The Survey contains vital information for wage and labour cost planning and budgeting and is utilized by a wide range of organizations, including government departments.

The information contained in the survey covers key areas of interest to HR and   labour practitioners and includes -

* Labour market analysis
* Pertinent legislative changes
* Current economic indicators  e.g. CPI, CPIX
* The average level of settlement by union and sector
* Average minimum wage and wage ranges
* Outsourcing and retrenchment patterns
* Non wage demands and management counter demands
* Outcome of centralized bargaining agreements
* Industrial action monitor – analyses of mandays lost to strikes

Complete Guide Series

The Complete Guide Series is designed to take employers through the complexities of current legislation and workplace practice in a clear and concise,   practical “hands on” format.  Where applicable,   diagrammatic summaries, flow charts,  model letters and checklists  are included which take you through  the various stages of the process in a concise  and logical sequence. 

Current titles include –

* The Complete Guide to Dismissal and Termination
* The Complete Guide to Essential Employee Documentation
* The Complete Guide to Pay for Performance
* The Complete Guide to Presenting a case at Dismissal Arbitration
* The Complete Guide to Recruitment and Selection
* The Complete Guide to Employee Absenteeism
* The Complete Guide to Wage Negotiations
* The Complete Guide to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Video Pac Training Series (DVD format)

An essential training aid for industrial relations and human resource practitioners, line managers and employees. The Video Pac comprises three modules -

* The Code of  Good Practice :  Dismisal
* Running a Disciplinary Hearing
* Handling Employee Grievances
* Evidence
* Performance Management

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