Andrew Levy Employment develops publications and statistical interpretations of wage settlement data across industry sectors and the broader economy using recent trend data and historical data from the past forty years.
Our analytics and trend research services are used by C-suite executives, Human Resources specialists and managers, economists, researchers, foreign investors and government officials.

Trend Report and Research

We provide detailed labour market data to assist C-Suite executives with strategic planning and budgeting of labour costs. Our research covers trends such as union membership, strike incidence, union strike propensity, and wage settlement forecasts.

Benchmarking and Forecasting Tool

We provide our clients with an opportunity to customise their reports and trend data based on their internal indicators. This tool allows for businesses to use our historical and current trend data to benchmark immediate labour market expectations, and customise the reports and wage settlement data to their business and industry.

Bespoke Advisory and Consultation

We assist our various clients with the interpretation and implementation of strategies derived from the outcomes of our reporting. We develop actionable strategies which directly cater to the movements of the trend data.